Hi there! I originally posted this thread on pal, however, I think there is also a great ressource of competent users here so I am going to ask for your opinion too.

I am just wondering if there is some demand in turnkey affiliate websites...

I love creating websites, but sometimes I get a little bored of projects so I let them rot a bit.

Thats one reason why I recently created lots of niche focused informational sites. One example is Poker Anmelden - Die besten Pokeranbieter, a german website of mine covering the topic "signups at pokerrooms". My german mainblog is suckbet.com and another sample I am proud of is shark4life.com

I am #1 in google.de for the Keyword "Poker anmelden", you can do a keyword tool research and do the rest of the math yourself

However, I am more the one time builder and then I forget about the project and start something new.

But before I start a salesthread I wanted to take a look at the general response at this topic, what are your thoughts on this?

The package would include:

15 articles on the niches topic

10 reviews for affialte marketings

10 Featured articles including two links each spread over my websites network with over 4 different Ipīs to get the wheel rolling...

Custom Design ( Logo + Template , I only work with the best designers in business, for example Graphic Design - Eyenod Studios )

I will use wordpress.

I gonna set you up with every plugin you need for your site.

Dealer Theme included (your very own license)

Facebook account with custom design

Twitter Account with Custom Design

Of course the site will be directly connected with its social media accounts.

I guess you get the point now, a full service website creation service with lots of effort and love spent into it. You can choose a general niche, like:

poker bonus, black jack strategy, bingo tipps, etc.

Then i will do a keyword research for good domains and you get 10 Domains that are still free to pick one from them or even all and register it/them. Optionally you could also provide me with one domain of your choice.

If help is needed with hosting I can cover this too.

Generally, everything you imagine for a good homepage should be included. I know there are lots of people not having the muse or skills to establish such a project but for sure have the guts to mange a site.

So what do you think, what should be included in my full package, on which things should i focus.

What would be a good price for you and what would be an appropriate rebate for like the first 3 buyers or so.

Starving for your opinions on this topic.