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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelCorfman View Post
    It is amazing how many folks try to get away with stuff like this. I do believe Google will handle it in whatever timeframe it takes them.

    I also know first hand how frustrating it can be. If you can believe it, someone once registered the domain and then copied almost the entire casino city site unchanged to that domain. And in my case they were hidden behind a host that didn't care about the DMCA. Fortunately google did, and so without traffic they site was eventually dropped.

    But this prompted me to see if the domain was still registered. It is, and it looks like I have a little investgation to conduct. That domain redirects to a website that is a GPWA approved portal.... Seems like it just might be that I should contact that webmaster.

    Thanks Professor. Who knows when or if I would have checked and found that out without your post.

    wow. that is crazy. The Nerve of some people

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    Quote Originally Posted by pgaming View Post
    Hi Michael,

    Based on your implied disgust over the intent of this thread I have a question.

    If I spent an entire week tracking down all those involved stealing prof's content and if they are GPWA members will there be vote for banishment?

    No matter who they are or what clout they may have. The proof although not absolute facts, will be based on probabilities much like DNA.

    I am curious because I hate content theft same as you. This is no commitment yet but am thinking about it.

    I think if affiliates are stealing content they should be banned ,some of us spend $xx,xxx a year on content and then people think it is ok to come along and use some crap rewrite tool and fill up their own site.There should be zero tolerance for this sort of behavior.

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    Whats a week out of someone life worth? No I will not be be using eloquent words surrendering to the illusion it makes me important. Nor will I be polite thinking this method works amongst the brutes of our industry. I will speak my truth and say the prof should be an unwelcome character on this board and others over behaviour that is sub human.

    How easily we all forget.

    This just in from London, an argument has broken out in the lobby of the hotel between CAP, GPWA, & security. The details are still sketchy but apparently the show organizers instructed security to remove GPWA staff from the hotel (not the show) by any means necessary. Apparently Steven Corfman took the brunt of it and was aggressively escorted out of the hotel in front of everybody by security in the lobby while being screamed at by CAP staff.

    Yup that is right a brutish man who IMO deserves no respect or acknowledgment. Not too mention the other bad **** he has done and there are plenty of piles. Hell bent on furthering his goals and ambitions in life will breaking the backs of others. Well prof if MR. C has forgotten I have not nor has many others.

    Well I did spend a week researching the intent of this thread. And here are some very brief mental notes. Just enough lol.

    Think I did this right?
    Google Search String: Certified Casino Guide At Casino Fan
    Position 1 - prof’s site
    Position 2 -
    Title - Certified Casino Guide At Casino Fan
    Position 3 -
    Title - Certified Casino Guide At Casino Fan
    For both position 2&3 can view only in cache otherwise currently showing server error 500. The two sites are still indexed meaning Google has taken no action but the server has thus the 500 error. I submitted 10 spamdexing reports and 5 Google copyright reports.
    We’ll see what happens give 48 hours.
    Because I did this three days ago positon 2&3 are showing no sever errors.
    The GPWA is blind I will leave before I become blind as well. Just have too say it like is it. And up yours prof

    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by pgaming View Post
    How easily we all forget.
    When the dogs are feasting at the dinner bowl, its easy for them to ignore the **** that dug up their bone yesterday. Pretty sickening!

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