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    Default Thought Bubble: Impression share in Google Organic results

    Here's a discussion theme line for google organic results.

    When new content is published and ranked - you'd notice that even though a page is being ranked highly (in top 10), Google restricts the number of impressions it gets.

    Edit: The commercial terms here are 1M plus searches per month.

    So the thought process goes like this

    -- Could Google have a max quota of monthly or quarterly impressions that a new page can get. Your page is initially ranked highly in search but disappears for several, days or months - could it be that we'd run out of the initial quarterly quota. So, when it does come back, could be that more impressions are now added now that first 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 months have passed and so on. Could it be that a 10 year old page has more quota than a 6 months old page for commercial terms (money terms).

    -- Impression share is a valid operational process for adwords. Commercial terms is where it applies. It should technically be valid for organic commercial terms as well. Google ain't that happy about making other people rich without them having to really work for it (content, links etc).

    -- Would the disappearance of high quality EMD pages be basically them running out of their quotas early on in their life. This could be the sandbox we're talking about - where your WMT shows good ranking but you don't get any impressions.

    Just random thought process in mind...Please put forward your own thinking in this thread.
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    good ranking no impressions would mean low search amount, you also need to factor in similar keywords etc, the ave position and ctr should be the number you focus on

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    I think I have actually seen this behavior in action.

    One day I was looking through GSC and saw a search term that I was on page 1 for and it stuck out to me because I had exactly 3000 impressions. Next day I'm looking at GSC and the same search term has 2999 impressions. I thought, wow, that's an odd coincidence. A couple days later I look at, you guessed it, 2997 impressions!

    So I did some digging. For weeks on end the impressions had been capped at 3,000. Never did it go higher than that. And it was almost always 2700-3000 impressions. It certainly looked like it had a maximum quota put on it.

    Fortunately my user metrics for that term kicked major ass. Eventually the number of impressions broke through 3,000. Once they broke through 3,000, they shot up into the upper 3s, mid-4s... and stayed there. Keep in mind I was ranked top 3 this whole time so it wasn't as if my impressions were not being counted because I fell off the front page or something.

    It certainly did look artificially stuck at a certain level...

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