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    Default - Warning

    Hi All,

    I received an email few weeks back from someone claiming to own the above URL, wanting to purchase adverting space on one of my Australian facing portals.

    On further investigation is site that provides free blogs.

    The original email was received from an AOL user going by the name of Vicki.

    I didn't think much of it at the time. However I've re-visited the blog and after going through some of the pages, it's pretty clear that although this person has not copied me word for word, they have extracted pieces of my content from one of my sites.

    I have over 30 sites so finding the exact site is proving a bit of headache.

    NB - I use wording that not too many people use.
    In fact I doubt anyone uses. So seeing extracts of my wording compiled into content is pretty easy to spot.

    I then proceeded to and entered the search URL of:

    I was greeted with the message "the maximum number of scans per month has been reached for this site."

    Although I have no proof yet, I will be spending the next few hours researching.

    So take this as just a generalised warning for now.

    Edit: It didn't strike me right away...but the spelling of words is not using US language but Australian spelling.
    Seems rather odd that someone from the USA would spell like this, especially when their email was written using USA spelling.


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    Hey Dave can you provide a few examples? are you talking about a few sentences on a page or whole paragraphs/pages of copied content?

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    Hi Dave,

    I realize you seldom travel these parts but may be there is a link here.

    As I posted

    Casino rewards aff80949 stop the spam. As my first warning we have successfully retrieved your email (jangomail) provider password. As stated so often most of my email I never receive directly it is held by others then forwarded. The reason why sending spam email is a huge risk on your part I do not control what happens next. You the spammer have set this standard yourself as our saying goes “do onto others as they do onto you.” Fair and equal treatment for all lol!

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    Senders IP:


    Boca Raton
    United States

    Have a good one LMAO


    The person behind this BS IMO has been pulling this **** off for years. Now I am not 100% who it maybe but am sure it is GPWA member. I would explain more but will wait until I am sure.

    One of two people?

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