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Gzira, Malta, 31 May 2016 – We are happy, to announce that Tipbet from now on will be a sponsor of Ad Finem. After successfully making partnership deals with Bayer Leverkusen and Fortuna Dusseldorf, Tipbet now actively enters the eSports market. And Ad Finem is the partner of choice. A young, up and coming team, which seeks to distinguish itself in several eSports disciplines and has several experienced players among its ranks.
Alexandros Mavroudis, CEO from AD FINEM

“Ad Finem was established in Greece in 2015. We are a stable that is compounded of several eSports teams. Bound to make its presence felt in the eSports ranks. Especially in Dota 2 our team was able to celebrate some early successes. The Dota 2 team consists of some of the best players in Europe and the team currently belongs to the top 10 in EU region. The staggering number of tournaments, in which our Dota 2 team is scheduled to participate, indicates our competitive ambitions and opens up many perspectives for the future. Competitive success, brand building and brand awareness will inevitably profit from this. We are confident that the partnership with a reputable sports betting provider like Tipbet will be to the mutual advantage of both parties. Especially Tipbet’s affinity towards the eSports area is important to us, for it increases the recall value, which in return benefits us as a brand.”
Bahadir Malkoc, Managing Director of Tipbet

“Tipbet will support Ad Finem in all upcoming endeavors as a sponsor. Sponsoring has become an integral part of the eSports business and has helped the young sport to reach the unimagined heights, it currently enjoys. And which, without a doubt, it will keep enjoying in the future. Tipbet wants to be present on this young, exciting market and regards Ad Finem as a potent, ambitious partner, which has much going for it in the future. With this step Tipbet completes it’s entry into the eSports betting market, being active as a sportsbook and a sponsor as well.
Of course, we wish all the best for our new found partner Ad Finem and the level of success, it requires to rise through the ranks. A goal, which they will pursuit according to their ambitious motto, until the very end!”

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