Tipbet.com is excited to announce that it has signed an agreement with FIFA’s Early Warning System GmbH

The Early Warning System (EWS) was set up by FIFA with the aim to protect the integrity of football, to prevent match-fixing and to promote fair play and tamper-free football. EWS works in collaboration with local and global betting operators, associations and other service providers in the betting industry to reach this objective. Tipbet is happy to form part of this collaboration, and to contribute to the objectives of EWS.

The involvement of the highest possible number of betting operators, such as Tipbet, will support the integrity of sporting events, as the disclosure of irregular betting patterns will be an essential contribution for the detection and prevention of any attempted match-fixing.

Tipbet agrees to inform EWS of any irregular and suspicious betting behavior that cannot be explained by normal day-to-day business activities, which could indicate possible manipulations of football matches

Bahadir Malkoc, General Manager Tipbet:

We are proud to be of support to FIFA, and to contribute in their efforts to safeguard the integrity of football tournaments and at the same time, strengthening the soundness of our betting systems and services offered.

About Tipbet:

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