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    Default tradedoubler ignoring missing sales

    Been looking for some player sale at

    It was missing so I submit form at their site, with title

    "Why has a sale or lead not appeared in my reports?"
    And that was so simple and excellent form to submit some inquiry.

    But that was not all.

    Right after that I receive email form my manager asking to fill some excel **** which was full of conufsing columns, which I did not have the answer.

    I asked why at first I filled 1st form, and never get the answer

    I believe that tactic here is OK you did ot fill the excel **** right so we dont need to investigate any further and case is closed.

    Hate this when people doing something complicate with out any reason.

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    You may find more help to this question at 'affiliates4u forum'. It is more involved with the big multi-brand networks. You may even get an admin from tradedoubler look into it for you.

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