I've been having a little fun with tournament announcements

I have a couple of great advertising packages to offer you guys!

Your announcement will appear on Poker Tournament Announcement Page - as a private freeroll, a private buy in event, or a newly announced bonus code!

From there, your post will show up on this poker freeroll index page, for a little index page exposure.

From there, you're announcement will make it's way to 4flush.com where your links and announcement will show up on one of the below pages:

Money Added Buy in Tournaments
Private Freeroll Tournaments
Exclusive Bonus Announcements (unveiling tomorrow )

Next, links will be added to this page back to your original announcement, as well as new posts on this blogs, with new links to your event.

As a result, your event is guarenteed to end up .. here. in google blog alerts

NO PASSWORDS ARE GIVEN OUT, All interested traffic is directed to your website, where they will still be required to fulfill your sites requirements to enter the tournament, use the bonus code.. etc.

GOLD Package - $100 Monthly
You will be given a username and password to the originating blog.
You have unlimted access to post private tournaments each month , and may post bonus code announcement per week.

Executive Package - For $250 we will do all the work for you, we'll write the releases, then we'll submit them, you get everything above, as well as a free/$10 press release submission.

- Still working on this page.. but here it is Offerring 4 banner text boxes on the index - I'm promoting the hell out of it.. .. So it should make for a decent investment

Google page 1/2 for freeroll poker, poker freeroll and other like terms