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    Lightbulb Translation website and legal questions


    I recently translated my websites into a lot of different languages from my English source with the use of a language plugin in Wordpress. I got some traffic from other countries from the automatically translated webpages.

    However, I disabled the plugin and redirected the pages back to the English page. For the main reason that I find the legal landscape very complex in iGaming with all the country specifc regulation.

    For example, I know that you can get fined as an affiliate when you promote unlicensed online casinos in the Netherlands. But what about those other countries were I see a lot of GPWA members have sites in such as Spanish, German, France, Brazil, Italian, Finish, Sweden, Poland, Portugese, Indonesion, Japanese. Aren't you afraid of regulations?

    Or am I worried for nothing and is the affiliate untouchable in this case. If legal isn't an issue I would make my fish net as big as possible and just use the automatic translation plugin with English as the main language.

    But right now I still stick with English because I am unsure. How would you guys look at this?

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    You can simply find out which white markets you are sure to practice legal affiliate marketing and act with a geolocation script.

    This way you can use your translated content in another market and offer legal brands in the fairly strict markets like you mention for Holland.

    But knowing which markets are the right ones, i.e. comparing the potential profitability and the severity of the legality, that is the question!

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