Management from the world's most popular poker forum sent an email to its members today, warning them of a security violation that occurred over the weekend.

According to, the hack included the theft of email addresses, IP addresses, birthday, last login date, registered date and hashed passwords.

In a thread about the hacking reports, one of the forumís administrators, Chuck Weinstock, soon offered the following:

As it says in the forum notice we learned that the database had been compromised this morning. We cannot find any evidence that accounts created after approximately November 20 have been compromised but as users you should assume that if youíve been a member of the forums since before that date that the information necessary to determine your (unchanged) password is out there.

(Although the people ďsellingĒ the database claim a December 7 date we believe this to be wrong.)

We have asked all users to reset their password if it hasnít changed in the last 45 days. You will be prompted to do so the next time you login to the forums.

The actions that Max Silver suggests earlier in this post are incredibly important. To recap them:

1) Change your Password on 2+2
2) Change ALL other passwords that are the same or similair
3) Start using unique passwords for every site, these breaches are so common. Iíd reccomend a password manager like lastpass
4) enable 2 factor authentication on any vital accounts/emails
5) Take extra precautions to verify identity when trading via 2+2 via separate means

Here's a link to the article: