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    Default UKGC accuses gambling firms of exaggerating black market threat

    With the 2005 Gambling Act currently under review, leading figures within the gambling industry have been backing a report claiming that 200,000 people in the U.K. spend £1.4 billion on black market sites every year, warning that tougher regulation could result in further customers moving into this dangerous area of unprotected gambling.

    But Gambling Commission CEO Neil McArthur has dismissed the report as “not consistent with the intelligence picture,” and does not distinguish between real consumers using black market sites and bots or other automated systems.

    He said the report should be "treated cautiously," adding it lacked any evidence to show an increase in "illicit betting."

    “We know that licensed operators and their trade bodies are concerned about the impact of the illegal market, but our own evidence suggests that the impact may be being exaggerated,” he said.

    McArthur said black market concerns should be kept in proportion “despite … reports from consultants paid for by the industry, and should not distract from the need to continue to drive up standards and make gambling safer in the regulated market”.

    Such direct criticism from the regulator will be a blow for the industry lobby group, the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), which has repeatedly referred to the report to back its arguments against stricter regulations.

    The government is considering a range of measures that could involve limiting stakes on online virtual slot machines, or forcing web-based casinos to carry out thorough affordability checks if customers deposit a certain amount per month.

    McArthur dismissed the BGC’s suggestion that such measures could fuel a surge in black market operations.

    “In any event, we are not convinced by the argument that suggests that raising standards in the licensed market will prompt consumers to gamble with illegal operators,” he said.
    Read more here from The Guardian:

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    Tasteless message by UKGC/Neil McArthur. Allow me to doubt that they care about consumer protection.
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    UKGC is the essence of nonsense.

    What happens there is ridiculous. After all, it's normal that no one in their right mind will want to work under local jurisdiction in the UK. They looped themselves around and now they have no arguments.

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    UKGC have only ever cared about licensing fees and this lack of integrity is coming back to haunt them. It also makes sense that any of the proposed restrictions would encourage UK players to seek out alternatives, if they can find any. However you can be sure that the UK gambling operators are exaggerating the threat. Since the 1960s, the big UK bookmakers' PR departments have run campaigns of spin and lies 24/7. UKGC is incompetent and clueless, while the UK bookmakers are dishonest scum. I still make a large part of affiliate income from the UK market, but I would love to see the UK bookmakers damaged very severely. Only Bet365 has been ok. All other brands have stolen, cheated and lied to affiliates.

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    UKGC doesn't give two hoots about OUR industry. Furthermore, if the UK isn't garnishing tax from gambling, it's "illicit", talk about being hypocritical.
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    What outright drivel! The UKGC are only looking out for one thing and that's themselves.

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