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    Default The unprofessional and sad behavior of PartyPoker(GVC)

    Hi everybody,

    of course this post will nothing change but we want to share this story with everybody because it is really a shame how PartyPoker behave, especially for an affiliate like us who works since many years with them together and bring every month a nice amount of new deposit players.

    They have clear rule when it comes to link existing player accounts to another affiliate.

    Terms and Conditions

    6.9 De-Tracking of Qualified Players. If a Qualified Player doesn't place a bet on our Sites for a period of three hundred and sixty-five (365) days, that we may, at our sole discretion, de-track that Qualified Player from your Tracker and you will no longer receive Commissions on that Qualified Player. That player can then be assigned to another affiliate in the event that they return to our site via another affiliate's tracker


    What happened in our case?

    We reactivated an player who was for arround 2 years inactive. Like always we followed all rules and requested it as always. As soon as we received the conformation that we can retag this player we informed the player about it. The player started to play but it took ALMOST 1MONTH and many email reminder until he was finally linked to us. Really 1 month to press a button and link a player account to us???? What to say but ok......

    The player generated in this time 1,6k rake/fees. Of course we did not get any cent because the player was all the time not linked to our account and the commission is counted only starting from this day when the player is linked to our affiliate count..

    Ok fine...... 1,6k for nothing. We did not want to make an stress and was happy that it finally worked after almost 1 month!

    The player countinued to play and all was fine but after arround 2 weeks we noticed that the player is not linked to us anymore. Without any notification the player dissapeared! We asked immediatly whats going on and received the information that the player was retagged to a stable directly by the senior management.

    We expected that this was a joke but it was not. Until now after 14 days still no feedback/explanation of the PartyPoker Management! They just untagged an active player and moved him to another affiliate!

    They do not follow their own rules and have even not the respect to give an explanation and simply do not care and just ignore it!

    The money that we lose is only one point. More important here is the respect to us as affiliate partner and that a big name like PartyPoker follow their own rules and behave fair.

    So far, we have not had any negative experiences with PartyPoker, but this what happend now makes us think a lot, especially because their management is not interested to give at least a feedback after 2 weeks and just ignore this case.

    Respect is very important but too often ignored.

    I should add that the mistake here is not with the affiliate managers because they forwarded this case already but get no response from the senior management. It just shows that they does not really care a lot about a good affiliate like we. Thats really sad!

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    GVC signed NDA papers with me and now they laugh at it and tell sorry, we can change anything anytime.
    Do not expect anything from them. Just give them as much traffic to keep them paying you something and forget.
    Their UK brands are even worse than the rest, but I am sure they will soon go even lower with their standards.
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    GVC and Fraud Stars are going together the same way down. Never, ever deal with them, you will get no answers, no help. just nothing.

    Put your efforts in another decent brands.
    Seven times fall, eight times stand.

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