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    Default US Residents & 911 calls

    I happened to think of this because I just accidentally dialed 911 ( ), and they stopped me before I hung up to verify my name & address.

    Last month a baby in Colorado died because the 911 system in their area had the wrong address for the phone number. Actually, it turned out 2 different systems in that area had the wrong address for the phone and the baby died before any rescue people could find them - and there was a fire station just a few blocks from their house.

    The phone company in the area had the correct info, but somehow it hadn't gotten fed into the 911 system; and it turns out this is not an isolated problem, so 911 systems around the country are verifying addresses with phone numbers.

    Bottomline - If you have a need to call 911, verify your address with them before you hang up!

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    Ditto. I never thought about posting this before.....

    About 2 years ago, two women were attacked and murdered not far from Marlene and I. 911 was called, information was all wrong. In the end 2 ladies ended up dead. That's not to say anyone would have gotten there on time anyway, but nonetheless, information was wrong.

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