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    Default Vegas Partner Lounge donates $ 22 500 to Cotlands Aids Orphans

    Funds were raised on World Aids day, 1<sup>st</sup> of December 2009, with the purpose of donating them to a cause that really needs them. Vegas Partner Lounge has donated the sum that was raised, of $22 500, to Cotlands, South Africa, in order to assist them in their humanitarian efforts to care for Aids Orphans in this land. <o></o>

    Vegas Partner Lounge Group has opened its heart and given a donation that can assist Cotlands in their efforts to make the lives of Aids Orphans in South Africa a little easier. Cotlands is an organization that provides care for children and those who are suffering, vulnerable and cannot fend for themselves.

    The year was 1936, the city – Johannesburg: Dorothy Reece found a baby huddled in a basket on her doorstep and decided to take this abandoned child into her home. What she did not know, was that this one act was to pave the way for a chain of events that would lead to the founding of Cotlands. Initially, the idea was to open a home for unwed mothers, but the compassionate folk at Cotlands have opened up their doors for many children and adults in need. Today, Cotlands cares for those (especially children) who: have been abused, abandoned, orphaned, are HIV positive or terminally ill. <o></o>

    The number of Aids orphans living in South Africa horrifies many, as figures rise and so do the statistics. More and more young children and infants are left to fend for themselves in very disturbing conditions, where children as young as 11 years of age have become household heads and have taken over the duties of looking after their younger siblings. South Africa has been identified as having one of the highest percentages of Aids-infected people in the world. Unfortunately, it’s not just the adults who suffer from the effects of this pandemic, but also the children who are left behind, alone, hungry, ill and without basic necessities to keep them alive. This is where Cotlands steps in and offers their assistance, from the basics of food and shelter, to assisting the older children with formal schooling.

    Vegas Partner Lounge spokesperson, Austin Green, said: “Giving to the needy has been a long standing tradition with us at Vegas Partner Lounge. We see the need and answer the call willingly. Cotlands is an honourable group which has saved so many lives and helped so many children who could have been dead today. The least we can do is try to assist where we can. We wish that more people would have the compassion that the volunteers at Cotlands have shown. We know that our donation to this organization will be put to good use.”<o></o>

    Vegas Partner Lounge has a proud history of making notable donations to charities, institutes and organizations that offer relief and humanitarian assistance to those who are deprived and disadvantaged. They have come to the fore with various relief efforts of late, and they definitely are not shy to help those in need!

    Vegas Partner Lounge<o></o>

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    Very very nice, great example.

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