Below is a copy of email with contact information sent to VegasPoker247 affiliates -

Dear Affiliate:

I wanted to personally let you know about the following email from Gian Perroni in regards to VegasPoker247’s migration to Absolute Poker. I urge you to please take the time to read through the entire email.

If you have any questions or wish to speak with me, please feel free to add me to skype – shuffleupndeal. If you have questions or wish to speak to Gian his contact information is at the end of the email.

Very truly yours,

Tara M. Wilson
Senior Affiliate Manager – North America
Canadian Affiliate Management Company Make More Money!
skype - shuffleupndeal

It’s early on Saturday morning and I have just finished completing a deal with Absolute Poker which will see the ownership of VegasPoker247 transfer to them, effective January 1, 2008.

There are a number of reasons for this change, but at the end of the day this was a change that had to be done.

I have worked hard with Pete at Chipleader to ensure the best possible outcome for the players, and for you. Here are the high points;

• All player accounts are 100% secure.
• At some point in the future – my guess is 45 – 60 days – players will have their accounts transferred to Absolute Poker and the VP247 site will cease to operate.
• The transition of players will include provisions for multiple accounts, duplicate payment info, etc. This is being worked on now.
• Players tagged to affiliates will retain that tag for as long as the players keep that player account active. If they close their account and open another, or transfer funds to another existing AP account (their choice, this will not be a requirement), then the affiliate tagged to their other account will of course retain that business.
• My understanding is that some sort of incentive will be offered to ensure players make the transition smoothly and to help retain these accounts for our affiliates.
• If for some reason you do not have an active affiliate account with Chipleader please open one as soon as possible and send an email to them with your information. I will be transferring over all of your VP247 affiliate account information to them so that they can re-tag your players properly.

So effective immediately your contact for VP247 accounts is This includes tournaments, payments, and any other issues/needs.

I of course am totally available, and in fact look forward to speaking with you about this change, and what we are doing now.
We will communicate this information directly to the players this coming week, but we wanted to give you advance notice.

Thanks for your understanding, and my apologies for the short notice, and the impersonal email. Hopefully we can talk early next week.

Gian Perroni
Skype gianperroni