This case is now 6months old but since I just recently joined to the forum I want to post this here as a warning to the others
So we started the partnership with Viggo partners / Viggoslots at 21.12.2018 via affiliate manager called Dennis.
we had a decent start and hit about 250ftd under a week and everything looked really good.

Then the problems started at 27.12. Players started to report problems on their cashouts in mass amounts

One of the examples was that The player started to play in the evening Vikings slot by NetEnt. Played it a few hours. Viggo decided in the midnight without saying anything add Vikings slot to the game list that you are not allowed to play. The only thing that saved this guy's money was that we had screenshots taken of the game list day before. That guy got the money that way.
So they changed the wagering rules mid wagering for the player without informing him and tried to deny his withdrawal cos of this. gladly we got it solved that time.

The other issues were when your wager is complete and you leave money behind to play let's take a 120 example here you take 100 cashout and leave 20 to play with and since the wagering is complete you should be able to do anything with the remaining 20 as it by common sense is not tied to already completed wagering. But no there were many cases when this happened that player left money on their accounts after wagering and withdrawing and when the withdrawals bounced back on various reason (documents mainly) they also started to say that the players had breached the wagering terms by playing non-allowed games with the 20 amount they had left to their account that caused outrage on the players since that was complete bullshit when it comes to terms of wagering, casino gambling or common sense in general. SO they enforced wagering rules AFTER wager was complete and what the players did with the excess amount they left behind from the withdrawal.

We confronted the issues and tried to discuss with the affiliate manager Denis (Skype: denis_5710) asking will the customer support review the cases. His main response and attitude were that the players are cheaters and liars and they do not have time to check claims made by such players and they should not be paid. even tho we had a screenshot to prove that some of the players had the wagering complete and by even playing 1-2 different slot with same bet all the time.

After some messaging back and forward and the only response we get from Dennis that everybody cheats and are liars it came clear to us that we do not want to promote a casino that does things like that to the players and we wanted to end the contract he agreed on this. so we took down our adds at 31.12.2018

When it came time to pay the affiliate money of over 300players CPA +rev money never arrived and Dennis hasn't responded since. So they owe us several tens of thousands of unpaid commissions.