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    Default Virginia high school sponsors poker club

    A high school in suburban Washington D.C. was profiled in The Washington Post over the weekend in a story about a unique extracurricular activity. That activity, which was founded in September, is a school-sponsored poker club.

    The club at George Mason High School in Falls Church is an example of taking poker out of the casinos and into the classrooms to help students with math and logical-reasoning skills.

    From The Washington Post:

    For years, the debate over whether poker can be stripped of its stakes - and used to teach probability and statistics - has been waged far from George Mason High, between leading academics and advocacy groups. But with gambling among teenagers a nationally recognized problem, the school-sponsored club represents something of a new frontier in the dispute.

    "We know the kids could play outside of school, but when they're here, we have the opportunity to show them how to play responsibly and to show them how the game relates to their education," said Mason Principal Tyrone Byrd.

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    Thats awesome - some good press. I think it is a great way to learn math and statictics. There is also an article I read where they say playing online poker helped to decrease the risk of alzheimer's. Happy to say I should never get alzheimers then - ha.
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    I think bringing poker into school is not a good idea. Their goal is good, however, didn't they realize that they are just sending those minor students into a gambling habit. Sooner or later, those students will be possibly seen playing other casino games.

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    The poker club will surely be a way for the students to improve their mental strategies, not just in playing, but also in real-life situations.

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