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    Default Warning to Affiliate Managers re fraudster - Robert Little

    I opened my email this morning to find that some idiot had signed me up to 60+ online advertising and affiliate networks. They all seem to use the same affiliate software provided by so its a good chance they used some automated submission software or a bot to do it.

    No doubt they are planning to commit some kind of scam or fraud in our name.

    Anyway one of the networks kindly forwarded me the fraudster's details:

    Robert Little
    196 High Road, London, London, UKN22 8HH

    The address is no help because it is just
    an anonymous mail forwarding company called Corden Bell Mail Services.

    I haven't seen any gambling affiliate programs so far but I thought it best to get the word out ASAP.

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    Thanks for the Warning we will put that one into the memory banks.

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