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    Default Warning of Scam site

    Just a heads up from some newbie affiliate referrals who got ripped off.

    They were taken for large sums of money dealing with this scammer site:

    Example of sites these affiliate purchase from scammer:

    The site they purchase alone isn't the problem.

    It's the staggering starting package of nothing.
    $2500 for marketing services they don't get.

    The stats we see ridiculously fake bot like.

    He also adds layer of purchasing the domain and hosting services through his own reseller aff links.

    Owner of this aff link:
    Registration Service Provider:
    Worldwide Net Solutions,

    Which is linked to this guy:

    Tech Name: Dave Rubright
    Tech Organization: Worldwide Net Solutions
    Tech Phone: +1.9544273760

    The affiliate who gets ripped off never really owns anything.

    Always ends the same.

    The affiliate soon realizes they've been had and abandon the site and their account that he set up.
    They don't own anything as he hosts the site and domain ect.
    They send him an angry email or phone call asking for a refund ect.

    He blocks them and moves on to the next person.

    Lots of complaints and links to possibly this guy:

    David G Rubright aged 61

    Also Known As:
    David E Rubright, David Robright, Edwin Stinchfield, Edward Walters, Dave Roberts, John Lesher

    Known linked emails from Dave and aliases:
    dave roberts <>
    Dave Rubright (,
    Ed Walters (,

    Lesson is to do your research and visit before you make bad decisions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LowFlyingBird View Post
    It's the staggering starting package of nothing.
    $2500 for marketing services they don't get.
    Did you see the prices?

    The strong indicator is minimum price. I am permanently buy traffic from different media sources. If minimum payment $10/$20 - this is ok. If minimum $100/$200* this is strong reason to think twice. This is the same as CPA $100/$200 player. Here we see the minimum $2,495.

    If media seller have good traffic (search, emai, social media, push e.t.c). - he always ready to sell you by minimum packages, or give you free packages for test.
    __________________________________________________ ________________
    * this is also true for big companies. I know some of big traffic seller with positive reviews in Magazines, in Linkedin e.t.c. This is not guarantee.

    For example i have expirience with one company. They min was ~$200. They have positive reviews from big gambling companies like William Hill, EuroPartners e.t.c but they sold bots.

    They connection with big gambling operators was real. But big operators don't have total control what they managers do. At least not all. So the sсheme as i think is: Mediabuying manager buy traffic from diffirent sources. Without a clear analyst. He buy bots for company and know this. Mediaseller sold bots to him and know this. They both know this. But Mediaseller get to Medibuying manager unofficial % of bribe cashback. Directly to they pockets....

    So if traffic seller have relationship with big operator - this is not the quarantee. The best quaranty is minimal packages. If minimum payments $5/$10/$20 - and you no have limits to buy this packages - this is good.

    For example my current mediaseller sell to me packages with minimum price ~ $8 (include % payments FEE). This is minimum sum for topup balance. And he is accept bank card, this is also good, because i have chance to chargeback. But if somebody ask you $2,495 - via bank transfer - this is suspiciously.

    Also people from western countries must understand that $2,495 is very good amount of money for many territories. In some countries this may be 1 year income. People may ready to create such sites only for one "clinet".
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    The website looks scammy, most media agencies are selling junk, hard to find a good one

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    Quote Originally Posted by LowFlyingBird View Post
    David G Rubright aged 61.
    Perhaps I'm being naive but this shocked me as much as the scam itself. I know it shouldn't surprise me. But living to the age of 61 and never 'growing' to a stage where you realise that scamming, theft, lies, violence, etc. and all the other nastiest things humans can do to each other... they will destroy you in the end. 61 years old...

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