Hi Affiliates!

A quick note to you all that we have simplified our £25 Free Bet offer for new Members.

The offer is similar to the previous £25 Free Bet promotion, however the £25 Free Bet is no longer based on WBX Points, and it is now simply based on the Member’s net profit and loss of their betting activity.

Here is the updated copy for the free bet offer:

New Member £25 Free Bet Promotion

To claim:

1. Click on “Register Now” on the home page and sign up as a WBX Member.
2. Claim up to £25 in free bets for one month

The more you bet, the more free bets you will accumulate:
Claim a £10 free bet when £100 is won or lost.
Claim a further £5 free bet for every additional £500 won or lost*.

To view the full terms and conditions of the new free bet offer please visit the promotion link here.

If you have any questions related to this promotion please feel free to drop a PM to us and we will be happy to assist.

Best regards