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    Default understand stats correctly???

    im not understanding their reporting metrics at all it says the casino earned over 1k from one of my players but then its showing a negative on my account for this month. They also have problems with reporting stats on their platform, anyone has experience working with them?

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    Their stats show the wrong way around. The positives are negative and the negatives are positive. It can be confusing, but the figures are ok. That is why you think you earned 1k when actually it's a negative. I agree it is counter-intuitive, but just remember everything is the wrong way around and it'll make sense. You can earn good money with them. They are always slower to pay than any of their rivals, but that is consistent and not a problem. It's always by the end of the month at worst. They are fine.

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    I have to agree that webpartners is a good operation. The reporting does take time to get used to. The only complaint I have in the three years with them is that they pay the last day of the month. But, the affiliate managers have always been responsive.

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    Hi There,

    Maybe St.X can email his specific question to

    Typical display would look like this. Columns of your monthly net/win loss added together to give you your overall NGR = $1658.10 * rev.share %

    Sports NetRev Casino NetRev Horse NetRev Total NetRev
    -1594.1 -258.03 0 1658.1

    In this example above $1658.10 * 25% = $414.53

    If your Total Net Rev or (NGR) net gaming revenue showed -1658.10 thus would mean your earnings would be negative.
    Our standard rev.share plans do have "Negative Carryover" applied.

    Any questions specific to your account please email your account manager. General inquiries let us know at

    Also, in case anyone is wondering we do pay commissions on a Net 30 accounting cycle. Meaning 1 month behind.
    We recently completed payments for September 2019 at the end of October 2019. On a quick cycle payments will be done on the 25th over the 30th.


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