I'm selling my website http://goo.gl/P2TCv (full domain available at that link).
It is about 7 months old and currently receives between 300-700 unique hits per day. It is slots based with a focus toward (but not limited to) U.K. gambling.

It has around 90 pages of unique content.

It currently ranks between 1-7 on page one of Google for many slot machine terms, including very high ranking terms for popular slot machines. It is very Google friendly and shows a clear progress in traffic which increases weekly.

A unique aspect is it is Google Adsense approved, with emailed written permission from Adsense should you wish to pursue a different source of income. Although affiliate links are exceptable within Adsense's terms, and currently run along side the Adsense ads.

If you have any interest, please let me know. PM would be best.