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We have published the latest lists of players who got lucky during the past week at Windows and King Solomons Casino.

The winners section is very popular and the material can be used to write great articles for promotional purposes.

For instance, this is the article that was included in our weekly newsletter earlier today:

Casino Winners at Windows Casino

Windows Casino is proud to share with you some fantastic news about lucky winners from the past week!

Theodoros P. from Greece, a long standing player of Windows Casino and one amongst the most loyal, was doubly lucky on October 6th when he came out with 9,249 on MagicSlots $5 and 2,675 on Deuces Wild video poker.

He was followed by Luigi P. who also met with a stroke of luck on Deuces Wild video poker where he won 1,273 as well as 1,830 on French Roulette.

Slot machines of various types brough luck to various players from all over, starting with Emily N. from Canada who won 2,594 on Banana Monkey slots, Stephen J. from Canada who knocked out $1,303 from Rocky slots, also Marita W. from Germany who won 1,202 on Cherry Love slots and finally Vadim C. of Lithuania who came out with $1,039 from Safecracker 25c.

Windows Casino looks forward to creating many more casino winners.

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