Hi Guys,

A quick update on the jackpots in play this week at Oz Lotteries.

As mentioned in my post yesterday, there are 2 big jackpots up for grabs this week, one being played tonight (Tuesday 6th October 2009*). This one is $15 Million in the OZ Lotto game.

The next biggest is on Thursday's Powerball game which is $12 Million.

Here's a complete list of the jackpots this week:

OZ Lotto - $15 Million (Tuesday, 6th October 8:30pm*)
Wednesday Lotto - $1 Million (Wednesday, 7th October 8:30pm*)
Powerball - $12 Million (Thursday, 8th October 8:30pm*)
6 From 38 Pools - $465,000 (Saturday, 10th October 2:30pm*)
Saturday Lotto - $4 Million (Saturday, 10th October 8:30pm*)
Monday Lotto - $1 Million (Monday, 12th October 8:30pm*)

$2 Jackpot Lottery - $610,000 (Draw #9366)
$5 Jackpot Lottery - $3 Million (Draw #685)

*All times displayed in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST is UTC+10)

If you're looking to diversify, lottery is a great option and fits in easily with other gaming products. If you have any questions or need some help getting started, please don't hesitate to contact me anytime and I'll be more than happy to help!