Welcome to a new public forum we have added to the GPWA.

The G.P.W.A has grown significantly in the past 2 years. We have made a great deal of progress in many areas, but have had our share of setbacks as well. Making mistakes and then learning from them is a big part of what we do in the casino business. The G.P.W.A shares information and provides informational resources to our members as well as others so that they can acheive greater productivity sooner!

The G.P.W.A. continues to grow, and become an ever stronger organization as we continue learn. Assembling a group of competitors to exchange ideas is indeed a challenge. Despite our occassional differences, working together truly does
“Put the Odds in Our Favor”.

Please welcome once again, our manager Bill (Wild Bill). His job is the toughest, and most daunting. From our finances, the members have agreed that 80% of this revenue will go to the Manager, and the remaining 20% will be used to cover our expenses.

As we move forward again with new goals, the membership has decided to implement this forum for the purpose of conducting public relations.

Some rules and a basic understanding is required for this to work:

This forum will be for those who are sincerely interested in the activities of the G.P.W.A.

Ex-Members are welcome, assuming there is no destructive agenda present.

This will be the only forum that issues Formal G.P.W.A. responses, and press announcements.

Although some things will not be offered for comment on, most things will be addressed if they are proposed out of a sincere and legitimate interest.

Past, personal issues involving any members WILL NOT be discussed from this point forward. Not on this board, or any others. We will not revisit those issues again, and again.

Posters that choose not respect these wishes will be barred from our forums, and IP’s banned where possible.

Thank You!

**For permission to use any material contained on this site, please contact the Association Manager.