Dear Affiliates,

Iím very excited to take over as the affiliate manager from Grant, here at Commission Warehouse. Iíve been with the company for almost a year, working more behind the scenes, so this is a very welcome change.

For those who do not know me, I was introduced to this industry in 2002 Ė and have been involved in it, in some shape or form, over most of the last 8 years. Itís true that once you have this in your blood, itís hard to get rid of

Iíve been through the database and Iím very happy to see quite a few familiar names in there, people Iím looking forward to re-connecting with and also many of whom Iíve never had the chance to work with Ė and am thoroughly looking forward to getting to know better.

Itís a very exciting time here at Commission Warehouse, weíve formed a strategic alliance with the Premiere Gaming Group, the benefit of this to you is MASSIVE. Essentially you market to 1 casino, Players Palace, and earn revenue on 3 casinos Ė the other 2 being the well established brands Grand Mondial & Casino Share. A series of carefully thought-out and managed cross-sell initiatives will see you, our affiliates, earn revenues from your Players Palace players on these two brands as well. We are hoping to have the first cross-sell initiative go out in early April.

Also Ė donít forget about our industry leading Advantage Rewards Program, whereby you earn loyalty points on all new players AND the revenue generated by all of your players Ė you then get to choose gifts from our extensive catalogue.

Lastly, a fond farewell to Grant. I think you will all agree he was a great affiliate manager, and a huge asset to Commission Warehouse. Grant, we wish you all the best for the road ahead.

Looking forward to getting in touch with all of you soon.

Best wishes,