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    Smile Welcome Webroute Services as one of the newest Platinum sponsors!

    I'm happy to announce that Webroute Services has signed on as a Platinum sponsor. There are some friendly faces (and distinctive facial hair!) at Webroute and it is a pleasure to have them on board.

    Here is a bit of info to get you started with checking them out:
    Webroute Services represents Blackpool Club Bingo, Blackpool Club Casino, Blackpool Club Poker and BetMost Poker. They offer both CPA and revenue sharing options, with CPA from up to 250 for casino players or 175 for poker players and rev share up to 40%. In addition to the player referral commissions Webroute also offers a 10-tiered sub-affiliate program.
    Geographic restrictions: The brands Webroute Services represents do not accept players located in the United States.

    Affiliate Managers:
    >> Neil Mitchell (Casino Affiliate Manager) - His GPWA nickname is TheBoyMitchell and he can be reached via email at
    >> Josh Green (Poker Affiliate Manager) - His GPWA nickname is greeno99 and he can be reached via email at
    >> Jamie Rosen (Bingo Affiliate Manager) - His GPWA nickname is JamieRsss and his email address is

    Signing up or Additional Info
    To sign up, just fill out the program's sign up form available on the Webroute Services site.
    Or, for additional information about the program, visit the Webroute Services affiliate program profile or their affiliate program forum.
    I have left the industry and earned a law degree at Indiana University Bloomington, Maurer School of Law. Here are ways to stay in touch with me:
    > Facebook:
    > LinkedIn:
    > Skype: StevenCorfman
    > Phone: +1 617 785 9324

    Inquiries intended for an administrator or staff member can be directed to Anthony Telesca through the forum (username Anthony) or to the general contact address manager AT gpwa DOT org.

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    *Pops head in thread*

    *waves and offers chocolate biccies*

    Like Steven says - if you need anything just ask and we'll do what we can to help! If you prefer to MSN me, then I can be found at


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