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    Default What games attract high rollers per capita?

    This topic may or may not have surfaced before but I'm assure many affiliates who are on rev share would love this intel. In the movies, you see the big shots fly into Vegas in their private jets, drop a few jaw dropping bets on either their favorite blackjack, roulette or mahjong game, then retreat to their pentsuite (I'm fantasizing lol). But seriously, I'd love to know what online games attract big players with their stakes.

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    Hi CasinoRep!

    I've always been limited primarily to the live dealer industry, as it differs quite significantly from the RNG side of things my experience could well be different from others...

    However I would say roulette, roulette, roulette! Most of Castle's VIP's are always at the roulette table and I also find that I often get more high rollers through my dedicated roulette sites, rather than the ones with general content.

    I've always had this down in my mind due to the winnings available and the excitement of roulette, which really gets the blood pumping. If you have a huge amount of disposable cash your probably not interested in biding your time at the blackjack table and trying a strategy to add a few Łk on top. You want to splash it on the roulette table, instant big wins (and losses ) and all down to the glamour and dazzle of the wheel.

    Certainly interested in hearing other peoples opinions on this!


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