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    Question What percentage of the domains you own are used on an active site?

    It is not uncommon to register and hold domain names in anticipation of future use or to sell. It is also very common to own some domains related to your main domain and redirect them. For example, we own and redirect to, and expect to do that forever. We did it initially because the GPWA website was on the domain before we bought the domain and moved it. But, more than a decade later we intend to keep the domain forever because we wouldn't want it to become available for others to use.

    For this week's poll I ask how large your number of active sites is compared with the total number of domains you own. Besides voting in the poll, I invite you to share how many domain names you own and why you hold the domains you do that are not currently used on an active site.

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    i own like 80 something domains, and i think around 45 live with 1-2 redirects.... i hope to put them all to work in the future lmao.

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    We ( hubby and me ) own in the region of 300 domains. 140 of them are live sites of which roughly 10 are affiliate sites which earn commission in the traditional way from advertising casinos, 130 of them are primarily used for selling links, but having said that, they also do get new players from time to time.

    Of the remaining parked domains - about 10 to 20 of them we would like to develop one day, 2 to 3 of them are activally being developed and the rest are good names that we hope to sell one day if things get tough.

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    Hard to say. Tbh I don't even know exactly how many domains we have or how many sites. And then there's "what's a site" - are we including mini sites on aged domains, single page holding sites that get traffic?...

    Best guess, probably around 2k domains and something in the region of 150 "sites" of various shapes and sizes. Not all igaming though, we have a bunch of mainstream stuff as well.

    We do dropcatching and that kind of stuff as well, which is one of the reasons why we have so many domains. - Formally known as goodbonusguide.

    Gambling Domains: Small clear out of some of the domains we've been hoarding on Dan - see the list here. Prices negotiable, and willing to swap for decent links.

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    Around 40/50% overall, have been actively disposing of some old domains recently that are never likely to be developed and are just an unnecessary cost.
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    I have one active site.
    I don't count the other two which are basically just hanging around, no aff links or anything. They are more for me to test plugins, new software, so as not to litter the home page like I'm not sure if something works or not.

    I let the domains mostly expire. But a few nice ones I will keep. However, they can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

    I think it's better to make one site that you will be really proud of and it will be taken seriously in its niche than 50 junk mini sites with no value.

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