View Poll Results: What percentage of your affiliate bitcoin payments do you hodl?

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    Question What percentage of your affiliate bitcoin payments do you hodl?

    Until recently, I didn't know the origin or meaning of the term hodl. Today I looked it up and found out the term HODL originated as a misspelling of the word “hold” and that ultimately the acronym “hold on for dear life” was attached to the term.

    We've all watched how volatile bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be. But, with the price above $60,000 most of the past month, holding onto BTC for the past year has certainly proven to be a wise decision, although definitely the roller coaster ride of a lifetime.

    In these forums there have definitely been those who are advocates of hodling bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. And, being online gambling affiliates, probably nearly everyone here receives some of their affiliate payments in bitcoin, or at least has the option of doing so.

    So, for this week's poll, I ask if you hodl all, or none, or some of the affiliate payments you receive in bitcoin. Besides voting in the poll, please share your thoughts on the topic in a post.

    Personally, in the context of running a business in the United States, where I have expenses to pay in US Dollars, I convert BTC to USD in exactly the same way that I convert payments received in EUR and GBP to USD. So, I have to report that I don't hodl any of the BTC payments we receive. In hindsight, I certainly wish I had. The first payment I received in BTC was in September 2016 - 15.69706438 BTC. At the time I converted the BTC to $9,525.64 USD. If I had simply held onto the BTC received in that one transaction, today they would be worth very close to a million dollars. Oh well.

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