A decade ago I received a first phone call from a service bureau firm that provides cloud computing services. While not a service I was interested in at the time, it did prompt me to ask what types of web hosting arrangements used by our members back in 2012.

You can see that poll here:

What sort of hosting arrangements do you use for your websites in 2012?

Back then, the poll showed that GPWA webmasters use a wide variety of arrangements for hosting their websites, and I am certain it has evolved over the years Some own dedicated servers they manage themselves, some rent virtual or physical servers from others. Some pay third parties to host individual websites. Back in 2012 5% of GPWA members said that they used cloud computing services to host their website. I'm sure that percentage has grown, and part of my reason for running this poll again is to see how much the percentage has grown.

So, for this week's question poll question I once again ask about hosting services used by GPWA members. The poll is multiple choice, so select as many options as apply to you. And please share with us how you view the various options work for you and any plans you have for looking at new or different options in the future.