View Poll Results: what is the thing that attracted the players played at the casinos you promoted?

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  • Casino software

    1 14.29%
  • No deposit bonus

    4 57.14%
  • Deposit bonus for high match like 200% and above

    2 28.57%
  • Other deposit bonus

    1 14.29%
  • Low wager requirement to cash out the bonus

    0 0%
  • Professional portal/site review

    3 42.86%
  • Fast payment

    0 0%
  • Payment method

    0 0%
  • Others? (Please brief)

    0 0%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Default What is the thing that attracted the players played at the casinos you promoted?

    For your opinion, what is the thing that attracted the players played at the casinos you promoted?

    Casino software?
    No deposit bonus?
    Deposit bonus for high match like 200% and above?
    Other deposit bonus?
    Low wager requirement to cash out the bonus?
    Professional portal/site review?
    Fast payment?
    Payment method?
    Others? (Please brief)


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    I don't have had player unitll now and then for me it is difficult to asnwer, however I think that one good attraction can be the deposit buonus but not much.

    I think that for the player the things more important that they are not cheated.
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    Hi all,

    I made this post at CAP but felt it merited being said again here:

    Hi all,

    I think this is probably not a very good poll for the reason that you must ask yourself what kind of player am I seeking?

    The answers to your questions would vary greatly in such matter.

    a quality player who spends considerable amounts and has any savvy .... will seek a casino that has ultimate customer service .....

    which is what i seek.

    They will (and rightly so) expect such service as say ... they have a slot game freeze up and in their opinion ... got cheated out of the amount it cost to make that spin.

    It does NOT matter whether they were right or wrong. .... for this kind of player ..... You automatically give them the money back / the extra spin.

    quite simple really but I'm constantly amazed at the small-minded thinking that goes on behind the scenes about such matters.

    Now this is the truth and you tell me it makes sense: as casinos offers a 200% bonus .... say on $50.

    a proven quality player has a spin on a slots game freeze up which amounts to $25. The player ... although wrong .... contacts CS and says he was cheated out of the $25 spin. The casino writes back ... you were not!

    Now I ask you? is that player going to walk away thinking .... this place rocks! they gave me back the money (that in my mind) I had lost .... without any hassle. Or if denied: is that player not going to walk away feeling cheated? all over less than half the money this same casino is willing to give a bonus of 200% to bring in a player that in all likelyhood ... is not going to prove be as good a player .... as the proven quality player has been.

    Now is that good business?

    and then (some) casinos have the gall to bitch about bonus abuse. So to sum up .... they set themselves up for enticing bonus abusers ....while literally on proven quality players ..... or at best .. put them thru the ringer before the player is satisfied.

    In which case whether the player gets the money back or not .... they're not going to be satisfied. $25 means nothing to them. They were obviously willing to spend in on a 1/5 of a second slot spin. Do you really think they're going to be happy having to spend 15 minutes climbing thru their play history to find the instance where (in their mind) they were cheated out of the spin?

    its insane but it happens almost 99% of the time.

    I know ......I've had it happen to me.

    Now here's the real kick in the butt. in the instance where I was asked to climb thru my play history to find the spin/game in which this happened .. I could simply log out - delete the casino ... download another one ... get the bonus offer .... and perhaps ..... just maybe .. find a place that acts like it appreciates the $1000s of dollars i spend there every month.
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    Smile what do players want?

    As I am new to the business I find it difficult to offer advice but what I believe to be the best attraction for players is a clear layout of what the casino offers where it is, who it's licenced to what the customer service number is etc. If this is clearly marked out as it is on in our casinos section players can immediately see that there is not much difficulty in calling them if there is a problem etc. This also makes it clear to the player that your open about the casino and its details and their hesitance to gamble decreases and their trust for you increases.

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    For me, I think that having promoting online gaming sites that have the "instant cashout/deposit" feature and the most appealing to the players. Many of them, when they get to an online gaming site, do not want to have to make a deposit and have to wait for customer support to "approve" their transaction. By the time they get their money, they have lost interest in that site "for now", and will go and play somewhere where they can make a deposit instantly.

    Just a thought....

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