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    I am trying it very slowly distributing it to my NEW (and only new) subcribers of my mailing list.

    I like the idea, but as Simmo said, "putting aside the question of trust, security" is hard. There is nothing against you, Casino Shield, but the online casino affiliate industry is one of the most conservative and protectful one as it is one where there is the most cash and ONGOING cash (players).

    We battle between spywares, tracking problems, rips offs, the feds and deposits problems, advertising problems, for a few players. That's why some persons have problems delivering tagged software that market directly onto the players' desktop (and I understand them).

    Aside that, for the moment I have nothing bad to say.

    CasiniDudes made an excellent remark:

    think that if casino shield ran on *your* server and you just had a licence key or something, with full control over the software, people would be alot more understanding of this.
    IMO you *must* consider a new option like this one and you will score LOTS of new affiliates. Saying, as an alternative of PPC with CShield running on Cshield servers, a monthly fee to keep CasinoShield running on our servers depending of how much installs, or something like that. If the person does not pay, the software won't work if you disable the key. However I don't know what are the technical requirements to make a software like yours running on a web server.
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    Quote Originally Posted by casinoshield
    so quick to accuse - so little research...
    First off - I was spammed, so I have a negative attitude right from the start. I hate spammers, they really mess things up and waste enormous amounts of my time.

    Next - the obligation is on you to sell, not on me to spend time analysing your offering. Despite this I've read the threads and tried to form an idea of your product. The impression that I have is that you will "allow" me to install an executable on my client computers at no cost for a few months, thereafter I have to pay to keep other advertising out of that clients computer. I have no control over the actions of your program, or the sales messages it will display. I also have no control over the data that it will be gathering.

    Based on this, I believe that surfers should be protected from products like yours rather than convinced to use it.

    Now tell me briefly why I am wrong, and what advantage there is for me. Remember I also have a negative attitude towards my clients play being interrupted by advertising - I'd rather he was allowed to enjoy himself.

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