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    Angry Whats Wrong With Stats?

    Whats wrong with stats system?!


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    Just got it from Marc,

    Hi Alexey,

    Thank you for posting as i wanted to clear up this situation.
    Firstly i am sorry in advance for sharing the plan that you are on, It needs to be cleared up for the purpose of explaining what is happening here.
    You were moved to the 40% for life with no negative carryover plan.

    During a month, ie April every day the negative and the positive cancel each other out, this is to say that there is with in each month negative carryover from day to day as its totaled at the end of the month and calculated accordingly.

    Other affiliates are not as fortunate as you and are not on such a generous plan, they earn based on players they send etc and other stipulations (every affiliate has the option to contact their account manager to change the deal they are on if they want to)
    At the end of each month our Payments team manually update the stats based on playtech stats for Affeurope. This is to say you receive a feed of the stats but the final payment and figure is a manual process.
    The process is manual for 2 reasons one to avoid any mistakes and two because there are complex plans that some affiliates are on.
    Once the figure at the end of the month is confirmed and authorised by our head of Payments then it is updated.

    Now because you have selected data from the end of the month including the start of the month the data file has not updated and worked it out yet, this is because the manual update has not yet taken place. There is an interim period from May 1st (as it obviously cannot be calculated before then) until the update is made and the negative is calculated and squared off to Zero for the start of the month.
    So to be clear any traffic sent from May 1st will be included in May's earnings and any negative from the previous month is removed.

    If you ever have any issues regarding stats or anything else troubling you then please feel free to contact me directly at


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