Once again there are topics around this topic but I think in this changing world (faster for us than for the rest), they're a bit outdated and I don't see there are too many daily topics so that this would be too much, but Rick can correct if I'm wrong.

So gambling-themes are getting very hard to advertise (for me it's sports-betting stuff). I know it's not anything you should focus on anyway that much, but sometimes would be a nice to boost a campaign or big event even with 100-300 here and there. But, with Meta updating online gambling advertising restrictions and Google being Google it's very hard. At least for me, even though Facebook marketing was never any kind of money-making machine for me, it did bring some traffic and brand name which was everything I really wanted from it.

So where are people advertising aff operations or nowhere anymore? I've tried channels above and TrafficJunky (adult stuff), but that's not something I'd do again probably. With understanding you might not want to tell your best secrets, what are the ways you'd do with smaller sites that need a boost once in a while? Is TikTok really super strict? Twitter is, that I also know.

So it comes down to more complex tactics like closed groups, Discords etc., right? Is there anything that one might still try? What about ads in mobile games?