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    Dear All,

    I am one of the largest super affiliates in China (been doing it for 9 years). mainly promote electronics, cellular phones, Mortgages , insurance policies and University programs. Over 4,000 of my affiliates ( off the total 12000) promote products in English for US and European vendors.

    I’ve been tracking this forum the past 2 weeks and now ready to register and post a question…

    I am looking into what affiliates conference to attend and need your view and recommendations. I was attending Affiliate Summit last year but found it very domestic and lacking international flavor.

    I have researched the space lately and I am very pleased to see that the International market is starting to get attention and some conferences are planned in our (non US) market.

    Found 4 organizers as follows:
    Casino affiliate conference
    Casino affiliate programs
    Affilicon conference

    Here are my questions to you:

    1.Why 3 out of 4 events are being held in Amsterdam? Is this so perfectly located so Vendors and Affiliates from all around Europe will be there?

    2.Why there are 2 conferences dedicated to Gambling, and at the same city?

    3.Is there any reason for a specific Gambling conference or should I go to one of the general ones? My experience here is that affiliates do not focus on a single market and they tend to expand over various niches. Traffic is traffic is traffic.

    4.In the next 3 months there are 3 events in Amsterdam and one in Israel, where should I go? should I go one time to Amsterdam and one to Israel?

    5.Who is considered to be the best one when it comes to education? Who has the most comprehensive one?

    I would appreciate any feedback.

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