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    Default Who Can Define What Is Spam

    fficeffice" /><O></O>

    I want to know were to draw the line, to something that is informational and what you consider spam. When, I am relating only to news events in our industry and not anything, which is not related to our industry.<O></O>

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    SPAM is otherwise defined by the acronym UCE - unsolicited commercial email. So, if you send me an email of a commercial nature, and I did not specifically request or give permission for you to send me email, then it is spam.
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    Depending on the context used, spam has various meanings. The word is derived from the hacker community dating back roughly twenty years ago. For those who remember “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” one episode was based on the food Spam. Before this time spam was referred to as unsolicited email or as Matted suggested Unsolicited Commercial Email.

    For a more precise definition that covers all aspects of spam I refer to the Jargon Files.

    1. To crash a program by overrunning a fixed –sized buffer with excessively large input data.

    2. To cause a newsgroup to be flooded with irrelevant or inappropriate messages. This is often done with cross posting.

    3. To send many identical or nearly identical messages separately to a large number of Usenet newsgroups. This would ensure, to infuriate everyone on the Net.

    Tech words associated with spam;

    Buffer Overflow
    Overrun Screw
    Smash the Stack
    Cross Posting

    For the non-techs spam refers to basically unsolicited email. But from a technical standpoint spam represents much more than this such as, blog spamming, spamdexing, forum spam, chat spam, Hob spam, DOS spam etc…

    Most neophytes (web surfers) hate spam ironically, considering the Internet was partially designed for this purpose.

    Topics worth exploring:

    spam gangs
    spam gang server shuffle
    servers who turn a blind eye to spam gangs referred to as bulk friendly or bullet proof hosting- Moniker is a prime example.
    email harvesting
    Web bug
    SMTP compliance

    Opt in e-mail is a term used when someone is given the option to receive "bulk" e-mail, that is, e-mail that is sent to many people at the same time. Typically, this is some sort of mailing list, newsletter, or advertising. Obtaining permission before sending e-mail is critical because without it, the e-mail is Unsolicited Bulk Email, better known as spam.
    There are several common forms of opt-in e-mail:
    Unconfirmed opt-in
    A new subscriber first gives his/her address to the list software (for instance, on a Web page), but no steps are taken to make sure that this address actually belongs to the person. This can cause e-mail from the mailing list to be considered spam because simple typos of the email address can cause the email to be sent to someone else. Malicious subscriptions are also possible, as are subscriptions that are due to spammers forging email addresses that are sent to the e-mail addressed used to subscribe to the mailing list.
    Confirmed opt-in
    A new subscriber asks to be subscribed to the mailing list, but unlike unconfirmed opt-in, a confirmation e-mail is sent to verify it was really them. The person must not be added to the mailing list unless an explicit step is taken, such as clicking a special web link or sending back a reply e-mail. The web link or reply e-mail must contains some sort of secret word or token that can not be guessed by a malicious person. This ensures that no person can subscribe someone else out of malice or error. Mail system administrators and non-spam mailing list operators refer to confirmed subscription or closed-loop opt-in. [1]
    Double opt-in
    A term coined by spammers to refer to the normal operation of secure electronic mailing list software. The intention of the term "double opt-in" is to make it appear that the confirmation is a duplication of effort; and thus, to justify not confirming subscriptions. A commonly use analogy between "confirmed opt-in" and "double opt-in" is to consider when you give a waiter your lunch order; when the waiter reads back your order and asks if it is right, this is confirming your lunch order, not doubling ordering. While some marketers use the terms "double opt-in" to mean "confirmed opt-in", the use of this term is generally a good indicator that the marketer does not understand good mailing list practices and will do many other things wrong, such as reselling your e-email address to others.
    Instead of giving people the option to be put in the list, they are automatically put in and have the option to be taken out.
    [edit] E-mail Authentication
    E-mail authentication refers to a technique for validating that a person claiming to possess a particular email address actually does so. This is normally done by sending an email containing a nonce to the address, and requiring that the party being authenticated supply that nonce before the authentication proceeds. The email containing the nonce is usually worded so as to explain the situation to the recipient and discourage them from supplying the nonce (often via visiting a URL) unless they in fact were attempting to authenticate.
    For example, suppose that one party, Alice, operates a website on which visitors can make accounts to participate or gain access to content. Another party, Bob, comes to that website and makes an account. Bob supplies an email address at which he can be contacted, but Alice does not yet know that Bob is being truthful (consciously or not) about the address. Alice sends a nonce to Bob's email address an authentication request, asking Bob to click on a particular URL if and only if the recipient of the mail was making an account on Alice's website. Bob receives the mail and clicks the URL, demonstrating to Alice that he controls the email address he claimed to have. If instead a hostile party, Chuck, were to visit Alice's website attempting to masquerade as Bob, he would be unable to register for an account because the confirmation would be sent to Bob's email address, which Chuck does not control.
    This degree of email authentication is considered by many anti-spam advocates to be the minimum degree necessary for any opt-in email advertising or other ongoing email communication.
    Just my opinion on the subject.

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    My opinon on it is anything I did not ask for/subscribed to.

    Emails that are sent daily as far as updating. For example I was getting one for a forum I signed up for way back that felt the sudden need to tell me each day what has happened in this years WSOP. Great, you can let me know but I don't need to hear playback every day in my email.

    This is what RSS feeds are for

    It's funny this past month since I did directory submissions my box is flooded with garbage for the lottery, people wanting my discretion to move funds out of their country, and the ver so popular viagra.

    A once a week email is ok, but I have seen the larger sites do this once a month maybe twice becasue that all it takes. I open what I subscribe to but if it becomes a pester I stop and hit junk mail.

    This lately has become the worst for me

    "MSN people to give the low down on xxx poker room. I know listen to these poeple and report them to their affiliate. I am orry dont waste my time nudging me to tell me to deposit $20 at this room, cause I damn well know your on CPA and this is not how you should be running your buisness".

    By the way any of you boys need any viagra...todays special is only 4.95

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironman2000 View Post

    I want to know were to draw the line, to something that is informational and what you consider spam. When, I am relating only to news events in our industry and not anything, which is not related to our industry.<O></O>
    It's simple.

    SPAM = the thing that YOU are about to send en masse to a whole lot of people that you don't know - and who never said that they wanted to read it in the first place !!

    SPAM is unsolicited junk mail.

    You know that 99.5%-99.9% of your potential recipients ar not interested in your message - but you don't care ... because HEY it's FREE to send.

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    Those are fantastic definitions, the only thing I can add which may be worth a look is the information around the Can-Spam act...

    Try these 2 links (and cross reference them):


    Here's the actual text from the legislation:



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    In the case tht you don't know me, and I don't know you, and we are not long lost relatives and you want me to do something.. I delete your junk as spam..

    Whether I've just won the microsoft lotto and u just need my name and bank details..

    Or you're a poor suffering person from a far off country who just needs my help...

    Or you have a new poker room.. you'd like me to download..

    Or .. You are a sexy cam girl.. and I should check you out..

    Or.. you believe my penis may need enlarging... if I'd just buy..

    That's spam ...

    Fun lil site about spam someone shared on a forum recently... the site is specifically about scam's more than spam.. but fun.. the scambusters get over on the scammers, wasting THEIR time energy and money, all actual monies are then donated to charity.
    I primarily write gambling content and gambling news. You could say I'm a gambling Affiliate Webmaster , though that's not my primary occupation I review poker portals on occasion, I am against the US Gambling ban! I sell content, PM me for Gambling blog posts. Most recently I've started writing Poker Strategy, that's going to prove to be a lot of fun!.. News Related. By the way, Mean People Suck! Judgmental People suck too. Virgina is for lovers, Oregon beaches are even better.

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