Open to offers on the following domains. They have previous history and backlinks. Sorry about the layout of the stats, not sure how to format it.

All domains are listed at marketplace with secure escrow.

Buy it now pricing can be arranged, so feel free to contact me or make an offer and we can arrange a deal. DA18 PA42 TF4 CF4 DA26 PA28 TF7 CF16 DA11 PA17 TF11 CF13 DA26 PA25 TF3 CF14 DA10 PA19 TF5 CF13 DA13 PA17 TF5 CF13 DA8 PA16 TF8 CF20 DA13 PA19 TF6 CF14 DA10 PA11 TF5 CF12 DA4 PA28 TF10 CF16 DA8 PA15 TF5 CF12 DA8 PA16 TF12 CF15 DA7 PA14 TF9 CF26 DA10 PA15 TF4 CF15 DA10 PA17 TF5 CF12 DA10 PA9 TF10 CF13 DA12 PA12 DA12 PA42 DA11 PA28 DA13 PA19

We also have some exact match keyword domains that people might be interested in for their sites:

I also have a collection of typo/traffic domains that generate sign ups from Australia, Asia, Africa and some EU countries. I don't wish to share the list publicly, but if you're interested feel free to PM me and I will send it across.

Most domains are listed in my Dan portfolio found here: