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    Default Windows, Getacut, Reality Check?

    Can anyone tell me anything about getacut?
    And I have seen a lot of 'stay away' from Windows but also a lot of posts that they are a top earner, is there a specific cause for concern with them? I did not expect there to be so many scams....must be my childlike innocence

    My stats on windows are strange...1 clickthru, 10 fun players, 2 real players w/deposits. And these were all in 2 days and then nothing at all for a long time.
    And a link I have from that site to another shows 17 clickthroughs on the linked site.
    It is discouraging to hear about so many scandalous programs, is it even realistic to expect any income from these programs? Thanks.

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    I'm not too sure about the stats... but if you earn anything from Windows casino they will pay on time.
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