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    Default Winner no pay for May players

    sorry for bad english i hope you understand it. google translate thanks.

    Hello my name is Dmitriy i worked with Winner Poker few month with CPA plan.
    My first affiliate manager was Arthur Mirzoian ( arthur.winnerafiliates ). Best manager, no problmes no delays(just one time ) always talk with me in skype.

    In May i have 4 registration, as usual, I waited for payments in early June.

    10th June - i ask about whats up etc. Arthur says: i not work in winneraffiliate anymore. June 10th! Nobody contacted me, a common occurrence. Do not know whether to lay out the correspondence with the already laid-off manager, probably will wait. But as I understood a lot of people laid off because of budget problems.

    10th June - im talk about new manager with main manager ( david rose ). Dont need translate. Ask about delays with can see yourself.

    10-13th June - im try to talk with my new manager. I think he dont like Skype and use mail...2012 in the court and mail a little out of date. He says use mail. ok.

    1mail : i ask about stat & payments, he ask my username...ok

    2mail : i mail him my username, he answer "ok and whats is question? You can see yourself all what you need"

    3mail : - he says " I see, you have no people in may?" - After that mail i begin to understand... I write a few letters and messages to Skype people are asking me about the Winner of Poker in May and i find couple and alredy know i have invite people in May.

    4mail : i say "probobly CPA dont showing is statistic" he says "I look myself all right, where you bring people?" i work with winner affiliate 3 month nice questions.

    5mail : i say "%sitename%, i have talk with few players in skype" he says "In this case we can not work on the CPA"

    6mail : i say "WHAT mean we can not work? Some players chat me in skype it is support they ask about bonus, promotion etc. Arthur says you are good manager." he say : Yes im good but buisness it is buisness, is not profitable"

    7mail : i say: " so whats about payment for May and revshare % for June" he says " You have already received payment for the players who led in the past, so that only the% budel new account ..."

    8mail : - i say: i dont received May money, ask about % rev share" he says " During May you have no top level revenue.We can make 50% of the first 3 months. here i have epic butthurt from new manager. and try to talk with Arthur about payments and what going on. i have new information. screenshot will be later.

    9mail : - i say : "I'm trying to prove it if I worked with the CPA in May I want to get their payments in May and will start in June with the rev share also write to him about the problem of laid-off employees and a budget"
    he says " you have no players and it has no relation to anyone that was fired" but i already know about few players and try to contact with other.

    10mail : - " i say give me individual reports of all players and their rake" he says " we cannot do this you work with CPA " i talk about this with Arthur and Arthur says if they dont give you report try to contact with players and post topic on gpwa.

    11mail : - i say " players accounts WWR%%%% 4 players and 1 i cannot contact. he says " i checking "

    12mail : - i says "so whats about players" he say "Yes, checked ...
    There are 4 players in May, I have not seen from a deposites because of the conditions on the rail, But it is also found something very suspicious, all players stop playing after a $ 15 rack, and accidentally (?) This condition is a CPA?" OK PLAYERS ARE ALIVE facepalm, now after 3 month work i have trouble with room requirements. Again no one word about payments.

    13mail-14mail : dont have screen : i say "about points system for players who dont wanna play at winner poker and wanna huge bonuses and talk about PokerSavvy." He say "about 90% cpa at savvy". i say "this is not a violation"

    15mail - he say : "Unfortunately for the CPA in May will not be able to pay, and your account will be transferred to 35%. Here is a letter from the Department of the player and check payments:" and bottom invdividual report for all May Players with rake check 10mail again

    after I wrote a huge text where expressing their suspicions and the words of Arthur about the payments and say that I will do on the topic during the week gpwa.

    I can do screenshot with Arthur text where he says about winner poker, payments etc but i dont see arthur long time online and dont know Does this not hurt him or not.
    What i want? i Want payment for May and this will be the last thing that I have a Winner Poker and advise you not to have affairs with them.
    All correspondence took 2 weeks Skype is ****- mail is rulez. IN the end i want say hello to Andrey Stotsky worst manager with i worked ever

    sorry for wall of text and screenshot i know you dont know russian but it's better than nothing

    Any question post here please. i will be on line.
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    Default Reply from Winner


    First of all, I would like to remind that Dmitriy (affiliate username edotensei) was paid $300 for March + $600 for April.

    Second, when our finance team sees a suspicious CPA accounts, with low income and high CPA, they start to investigate the case.

    In this case - deal is $150 CPA with a $15 rake restriction.

    Here are May stats by player:

    All deposited $20, all stopped playing just after they raked just a little bit over $15 (CPA rake restriction), no one of them even logged in since.

    Does it look like natural traffic? I don't think it is to anyone.

    Best regards,

    Winner Affiliates on behalf of Andrey Stotsky.

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    lol was 100$ not 150$, nice managers how you can see. Arthur - says: 3 players mean 300$ this week

    originally wrote my manager, "there is no player in May". Now you can show players statistic for all, month ago you cant do this just for mail5
    about players stats read again 13-14mail i already give a answer.
    This is good position, I had a contract and i work 3 months, no one say a word all be fine, to layoffs.
    I said give me payments for May and ok go to rev share % or other CPA with 80-90% rake of CPA. - Andreys say:

    but as far as I know it does not violate the rules the same way works - correct, but I will tell you a secret, pokersavvy condition of the CPA 90% of the CPA.

    If you are ready for this - I will be happy.
    Whats now? All players have done requirements, all make deposite, all make rake. Whats you do? Just say non-profitable, we will not pay, if you can do it any time and just do not give money. Not to say we do is not profitable from early of month or mid "This is last month bro, this is not profitable next month we change to rev share or CPA 90% sorry. I can put correspondence with Arthur as soon as it will appear online and chat with me, its explain much things.
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