Hi all,

Middle November I set-up a hybrid CPA+RS deal with Nikko from Winneraffiliates.

I ran my campaign for two weeks and I checked my results. Even having new depositors (FDs) my revenue was not showing the CPA deal and I contacted Nikko in order to understand. In about two seconds, for sure without had time to check my account, Nikko told me that you don't have any new depositors. The issue was that at that moment I was able to see in my stats report the FDs value and I sent him a screenshot. He promptly excused himself and told me that it was his mistake.... the day after FDs value disappeared from my reports until now...

I asked Nikko to put it back and he told me that it was not him that it was a technical issue and that it will be solved ASAP.

One month past ... and even having net revenue I don't have or better I am unable to see if I have new depositors, I need to ask to Nikko if I have new depositors ))) quite convenient don't you think?

So I didn't accept this and I pressure him to put back my previous reports details and just now he confirmed me that is impossible and that even having new depositors they did not play a lot so is not an acquired player and that they should not pay for this...

It could sound normal if in any moment, even with having ask him to provide me with deal T&C, Nikko would informed me about the minimum deposited amount needed to acquired player and the minimum wager amount that this player needs to do (that still a incognito for me).

I have all our chats and emails that proof what I am informing you guys I can post it ...

Do you think that this is a nice affiliate way to generate new depositors??? Acquisition costs are controlled if they act like this.

As this chats prove, during this last month Nikko changed is speech for more than one time or he is new in this industry or he thought I was.

Please GPWA help me solve this issue or avoid Winneraffiliates to run this kind of scam!!