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    Default Woman at center of poker cheating scandal tells her story to LA Times

    If you follow poker, you most likely heard about the latest potential "cheating scandal" that has been bubbling over for the past week.

    On Sept. 29, Robbi Jade Lew appeared on “Hustler Casino Live,” a popular YouTube poker show with more than 180,000 subscribers that streams from the Gardena casino. The high-stakes table included well-known pro Garrett Adelstein, one of show's regulars.

    The two players were involved in a show down and Adelstein was holding the seven and eight of clubs; Lew the jack of clubs and the four of hearts. After the flop, Adelstein had a straight flush draw. The turn didn’t help either player. Adelstein semi-bluffed and bet out again; Lew re-raised. Adelstein responded by pushing all in for the remainder of Lew’s chips: $109,000.

    Shockingly, Lew called and took down the huge $269,000 pot when Adelstein failed to improve his hand on the river.

    Here's a link to the hand on YouTube:

    That night, in a lengthy statement posted on Twitter, Adelstein reasoned that Lew never would have continued playing with the cards she had unless she was cheating, and said he was suspicious of what he characterized as her ever-changing “word salad explanations” afterward. Lew said she misread her cards, thinking she had a pair of threes instead of jack high, but maintains she outplayed him nonetheless.

    The poker community has been on fire over the last week discussing the hand. So much so that the mainstream media (LA Times) picked up on it. Here are some excerpts:

    Lew supporters say it’s a classic example of sexism in which a prominent man is unable to deal with losing to a less experienced woman. Meanwhile detractors have delved into her personal life, questioning her wealth, her relationship with her lawyer-entrepreneur husband, and her financial arrangements with her poker backers (Lew bought into the game with $240,000 that was staked by another player at the table).

    Now the production company behind “Hustler Casino Live” has launched an investigation that involves combing through security camera footage, conducting interviews and reviewing records. It said it might ask Lew and its own employees to submit to polygraph tests.

    The company published the first of its findings Thursday afternoon, exactly a week after the hand, saying it had discovered that one of its own employees had stolen $15,000 in chips from Lew’s stack after the broadcast had ended. The employee was fired; Lew declined to press charges.

    Within hours, members of the poker community were speculating that Lew’s decision to not pursue the case could be a sign that she and the fired employee had been illicitly working together. Some who had been on her side said on social media that they’d changed their minds.
    Lew spoke freely and rapidly about what happened at Hustler. Her chair appeared to vibrate, she said, because she was hungover and had forgotten to take her ADHD meds, causing her to shake her leg. She didn’t have anything in her leggings except for her mic pack in the back; the apparent rectangular bulge was just glare from the casino lights. Having another player at the table stake her is not against the rules and she’s not obligated to divulge the terms of the deal (she said she and her backers generally split her profits 50-50).

    “I’m not nervous about any of this. I have nothing to hide, you know?” she said. “I feel like if I stay quiet and let the world come up with their own stories and their own storyline, that for me mentally is more detrimental than coming out and speaking my own piece.”

    Lew is mystified by the flood of attention — fans DMing her from “every friggin’ country,” daytime talk shows asking her to be a guest, producers reaching out with entertainment deals — and, though she insists she didn’t want any of this, she seems intrigued by the possibilities. She has retained a management and public relations team to help field requests.
    What do our poker experts here on the forum think? Did Lew cheat? Is this much ado about nothing?

    Read the LA Times article here:
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