The good news about organizing an event in a small
country like Israel (with its 7 million people) is the ability
to get media coverage. A full page article about affiliation
(and Affilicon as well ) is going to be published tomorrow
at one of the leading economic newspapers and some super
affiliates and myself are going to have a TV 5 minutes
interview at the primetime weekend news edition. A banner
campaign and paid article in one of the largest portals and
being involved in many local forums ensures that the buzz
around Affilicon is at the highest level possible. Actually we
had more than 1000 people visiting our site the day before
yesterday, a record number for us.

The fact that we have over 80 affiliates promoting Affilicon,
mostly Internationally, and so many vendors (and affiliates
networks) are promoting us in their websites and newsletters
gives us a level of comfort that our positioning of Affilicon
Israel as the largest non US affiliates conference and exhibition
will be a fact!

And you, are you coming to Affilicon Israel?

PS - Michael, Rebecca, cant wait to have you here
PS - check our exhibitors' list: