I am a Turkish Affiliate for 8 years and bringing my customers the best choices for Turkish market.

I had some issues with the sites whom are connected to xaxpoker network.

Axbet , Mybahis, Tipobet365, Bixbet, oyunsalonu, betist, betmatik, rompoker, intbet sportotobet, betist, betmatik, rompoker, intbet all dot.com addreses using this network.

The problem of this network when a player wins a money, they banned the player and deactivate the account. And they are telling that they are from
https://www.curacao-egaming.com/ but giving giving licence number from England.

Here is chat dialog " Lisanslama ve Sertifikasyon Sirketimizin Curacao Hükümetleri tarafından online oyun operasyonları yürütmek için lisanslı vardır Oyunlarımızın tümü, adillik sağlamak for Test edilmis ve sertifikalandırılmıştır
Lisans Referans no : 7796 belirtilen link üzerinden lisansımızı kontrol edebilirsiniz."

Anyway i always play before i start marketing the company.


They said they are from Curacao but giving me https://secure.gamblingcommission.go...accountNo=7796 this number. As a surrender means they are not able to run a betting company.

After while i played at the poker , they banned my account take 2700 Turkish liras. And not activiting the account , they always use the same word, u are banned because of chip dumbing.

How can i take legal action for this , Any cases u know ? They are also offering affiliate.