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    Default Xlbet paying out money to ex employees!


    I have had unpleasant chat today with XLBet manager Henrik, who told me that my earnings for past 2 months have been paid to one of my past employees who was in charge of this deal.

    I was really surprised, I mean how can any company pay out earnings to anyone except for the person who is in charge for affilate deal, owns the website and the company behind it.

    They never contacted me or asked if it was ok to pay out that money to 3rd party private! account nor informed me that the payment was done in any way, not email nor MSN or skype.

    I would like to get your input on this matter.

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    Did the person who was paid have access to the affiliate account backend system?

    Were the commissions paid to the payment method listed in the affiliate system?

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    XLbet doesnt even offer backoffice system and all payments so far went directly to my bank account - none of the payment went to other account nor payment method.

    Here is the quote from the manager when i asked about the earnings status.
    Erik = ex employee
    Henrik = XLBet manager

    Ivica "Therapy" Horvat: Hi, have you paid out any rake race money to players in last monht?
    Henrik: a few - only 2 players did play
    Ivica "Therapy" Horvat: ok, how much in amount if you have details, so I can calculate things properly
    Ivica "Therapy" Horvat: Thanks.
    Henrik: already did that through Erik so you will nhave to take that through him
    Henrik: you havent's been around for ages
    Ivica "Therapy" Horvat: I'm always here, and please stop cooperation with erik, he's no longer in position at Gosupoker.
    Henrik: no - I'm dealing with him alone
    Ivica "Therapy" Horvat: What are you talking about?
    Henrik: take that with erik - not me
    Ivica "Therapy" Horvat: I hired him and you deal now with him?
    Henrik: again - take that with Erik
    Ivica "Therapy" Horvat: I still own gosupoker, so you have to provide me with info
    Ivica "Therapy" Horvat: Thats the only way i can give proper bill to XLbet for last 2 months
    Ivica "Therapy" Horvat: since that has not been paid yet
    Henrik: nope - you will have to take taht discussion with Erik and you have been paid for the last 2 month
    Henrik: through erik
    Ivica "Therapy" Horvat: lol
    Ivica "Therapy" Horvat: How can you pay my employee
    Ivica "Therapy" Horvat: instead of the company itself
    Ivica "Therapy" Horvat: you lost your mind?
    Henrik: again - You will have to take that discussion with Erik not ME
    Ivica "Therapy" Horvat: Never saw this happen before
    Henrik: we haven't done anything wrong - You havent't been around for ages - havent brought in any players etc etc
    Ivica "Therapy" Horvat: What on earth made you go and pay to a person who is hired to do his job?
    Ivica "Therapy" Horvat: Did you ever try to write me a message?
    Ivica "Therapy" Horvat: an email?
    Henrik: no idea - AGAIN -between you and Erik

    I am still shocked by this...

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