Hello convention mates ,

My name is Stéphane. I am a french yet-to-come startup founder.
(The "french" part will account for all the strange grammar mistakes you might notice while reading this post.)

I am planning to attend the CAC convention next monday.
As a newbie, I am MAKING A CALL HERE TO MAKE APPOINTMENTS with whosoever would be interested in hearing about my website creation project in the online poker industry.

I am part of a team that include a computer genius and entrepreneur & moneymaker genius. I am supposed to be the marketing genius if you refers to my 12 year career in advertising and strategic planning.

Our project is targeting the microlimit poker grinder community all the over the world, especially in Europe. Of course, It involves delivering outstanding services and tools.

I myself am a heavy poker player in 5$ sit and gos on Stars and Party Poker. All the bright ideas came from this 12 month experience.

Launching is scheduled for the 2009 WSOP in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, we are looking for business partners and considering getting involved in affiliate programs.


Last but not least, any SUGGESTIONS about how to find the right people at CAC and how to approach whosoever is "calling the shots there" will be very much appreciated.

Thank you

Be seeing u