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FullContactPoker switches software to keep U.S. players

22 November 2006
By Bradley Vallerius soft launched new software Tuesday so it can continue accepting U.S. customers. The move came just over a month after OnGame decided to stop accepting American customers in the wake of Bush's signing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The new software, which is being beta tested, was developed by Dobrosoft. stresses work is still in progress on the software and that regular updates can be expected.

"Considering the amount of time OnGame gave FCP to find a new location, I have to say that, overall, I'm extremely pleased with the new network. I'm also very excited about improving FCP over the next few weeks with software upgrades, etc.," said Daniel Negreanu in a FullContactPoker forum earlier today. Negreanu is a top poker professional who endorses and is an active participant in the site's forums and rooms. players are now aggregated into the Digital Gaming Network along with players from 26 other Dobrosoft licensees. FullContactPoker says "many other partners will be joining the network over the next period of time."

The community-oriented poker room has opened a thread in its forum where players can provide feedback about what they like or dislike about the new software and what sorts of changes they would like to see.

In an interview with Casino City Times last month Negreanu said he thought a lot of the poker sites that had spun away from their original software providers could end up aggregating their players into the same network.

"You're definitely going to see a lot of the skins bouncing around," said Negreanu, "but what could end up happening-- and it will likely happen-- is a new network will be born with some different software because that's probably the easiest as far as transferring funds over."

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