1. Lawful Business Conduct and Regulatory Compliance

    Sponsor agrees that both Sponsor and the companies Sponsor represents (collectively ďSponsor CompaniesĒ) will abide by all laws, regulations, and applicable license requirements of the jurisdictions within which they operate. If licenses are required to conduct the business of the Sponsor Companies within said jurisdictions, then the Sponsor agrees to provide evidence of said licenses upon request.

  2. Responsible Promotion and Procedures

    Sponsor Companies will be truthful in all promotions and publish only accurate information about their operations. Any rules and registration procedures affecting affiliates or the public will be made publicly available by the Sponsor Companies. Sponsor Companies will not use unethical methods of promotion either directly or indirectly through others and will cooperate with the GPWA in accordance with its policies and procedures to ensure affiliates and other third parties do not financially benefit from unethical behavior.

  3. Affiliate Earnings, Bonuses, Winnings, and Account Balances

    Sponsor will pay affiliates in a timely manner and in accordance with Sponsorís published terms and conditions and will honor all of Sponsorís written agreements with affiliates. Sponsor Companies will credit the accounts of players with bonuses and winnings in accordance with published rules and procedures and will promptly pay players any balance in their account upon their request.

  4. Affiliate Complaints

    Sponsor will promptly respond to any complaint forwarded by the GPWA or by a GPWA affiliate member on behalf of the affiliate or on behalf of a visitor to a website operated by the affiliate. If the complaint alleges the Sponsor Companies failed to comply with these terms the Sponsor agrees the Sponsor Companies will either provide reasonable evidence of compliance with these terms, or offer a fair resolution of the complaint.

    The right of a GPWA affiliate member to lodge a complaint shall be absolute and no confidentiality or other agreement between a GPWA affiliate member, or a visitor to a website operated by a GPWA affiliate member, and any Sponsor Companies shall be construed as prohibiting the disclosure of otherwise confidential information to the GPWA or GPWA affiliate member for the purpose of lodging or otherwise substantiating such a complaint.

  5. Sponsor Responsibility

    Sponsor accepts responsibility for compliance with these terms by the Sponsor Companies. If the GPWA determines the Sponsor Companies have failed to comply with these terms, then the GPWA may publish its findings and associated background information. The GPWA may also withhold the provision of Sponsor Benefits until such time as the GPWA has determined the Sponsor is in compliance with these terms.

  6. Term

    Sponsor will comply with the terms of this GPWA Sponsor Code of Conduct beginning with the date the Sponsor accepts the GPWA Sponsor Agreement. The terms of the GPWA Sponsor Code of Conduct will remain in full force and effect for an indefinite term ending six (6) months after the GPWA Sponsor Agreement is terminated.

  7. Revisions

    This GPWA Sponsor Code of Conduct may be revised upon sending a notice of revision to the Sponsor as specified in the notices paragraph.

  8. Notices

    All notices from the Sponsor to the GPWA shall be considered properly given upon confirmed receipt of an e-mail message delivered to or upon confirmed receipt of a fax sent to +1.617.964.2280. All notices from the GPWA to the Sponsor shall be considered properly given when sent to the Sponsorís then-current affiliate program contact e-mail address.