News launches new look

14 November 2007

NEW YORK, Nevada -- (PRESS RELEASE) --, the only US-legal online poker site, has introduced an innovative new look to its revolutionary online poker game site. The state-of-the-art design allows online poker players to sign up and play games and tournaments with ease in a fun yet highly-competitive environment that is both legal and secure.(1)

Imagine a poker game with no luck involved. Imagine a poker table where there are no bad beats. Imagine a poker game based on just one thing -- pure skill. Now, there is indeed a place where the best player always wins. It's called

Duplicate Poker is unique in many ways. Players compete against opponents who are placed in corresponding seats, sitting at other tables. Your goal is not necessarily to outplay each of your opponents at your table as is the case in a standard poker game. The object of Duplicate Poker is to win more chips (or lose less chips) than your opponents in the same seats at other tables. All players in corresponding seats receive identical hole cards. Each flop, turn, and river is also the same at every table. So, it's up to you -- not the luck of the draw -- to outfox your opponents. In short, the best player wins. That's how real poker should be, right?'s new design offers several unique features. First and foremost, the improved interface makes it easier to play the game and follow the action. Much more information is now available to players via an easy-to- use navigation system. And as always, customer support is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Other features include:

-- The Main Lobby which serves as a complete menu of all the types of games and formats available to players

-- Player avatars to display your unique table image

-- Regular announcements which remind players about upcoming events and special promotions

-- A "Game Format" section which allows players quick and easy access to answers on how to play duplicate poker

-- A live scoreboard with updated rankings, so players can track their progress

-- Player preferences, which include avatars, sounds, player and dealer chat, and other options

"This innovative design makes our games easier and more fun for players of all skill levels," said Dan Goldman, Vice-President of Marketing for DuplicatePoker. "Our players have given us terrific feedback and suggestions for improving our site, and most of the improvements we've made have come directly from those suggestions."

Newcomers who visit benefit from a quick, interactive video tutorial on how to play the game. Once the game is successfully downloaded, the site offers both "play money" and "real money" games to its customers. Play money games allow novices a chance to become more familiar with the nuances of Duplicate Poker, at their own pace. Players can also compete for real money legally, since Duplicate Poker is considered a game of skill rather than chance. All players, even those living in the US, can deposit using Visa, MasterCard or American Express. also offers cash bonuses just for signing up and frequently holds free tournaments for its players, called freerolls. Recently, the site has been offering a 100% sign-up bonus (up to $100) on any deposit made by new players. The site is also currently offering all players, whether they deposit money or not, a free $5 gift certificate for playing on the site with no obligation.

Poker Pro magazine described the site this way in a recent review:

"Duplicate Poker is different...There is no doubt that this is a new experience. From the ability to play with real money by using your Visa, Mastercard, or American Express account to transfer funds, to the fact that winning is based on skill, not luck, Duplicate Poker is a concept that has been a long time coming."(2)

Duplicate Poker was patterned after duplicate bridge, which is popular worldwide in clubs, tournaments, and online. Just as in duplicate bridge, each player faces an identical set of circumstances, where skill and not luck is the primary component. launches new look is republished from