News hosts YouTube contest

15 January 2008

T. JOHN'S, Antigua -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- - the entertainment site hosted by Playboy/FHM model Carrie Stroup - is running a $10,000 contest on YouTube. Contestants are invited to submit video clips showing themselves and their friends demonstrating what it takes to be a "player". Secrets for success, sleezy pick-up lines, tongue-in-cheek dress-to-impress wardrobe tips - anything goes. The winner will receive a $10,000 prize and - any true player's dream prize -- a night out with the site's sexy hostess.

Anyone (over 18) can enter the free contest at the "PlayersOnly Unleash the Player In You Video Contest" page on YouTube. Contest entries will be available for viewing there and viewers are invited to assist the judging by commenting.

The rules of the game are simple: video yourself and/or your friends acting like a true "player" or, for a laugh, the exact opposite. Pay tribute to successful, confident players you admire, or parody wannabe players that just don't get it.

"Everybody's got a little 'player' in them" said David Anderson, Brand Manager. "This is a chance to have some fun and win big cash."

What's it take to be a player? Confidence. Smarts. Style. Balls. You know the guy - he's got the dream job, sweet wheels, cool clothes. Women can't resist him (although his mom wishes he'd settle down), the guys think he's cool - and he's probably a winner at the poker table.

Players love poker because it's a microcosm of real life. Be sharp, think fast, take some risks - success is sweet. Looking the part is important in life as it is in poker -bluffing being part of both games. There's no game that mimics the player's life more and draws on his personal discipline, critical reasoning, money management skills and strategic thinking.

The winner of the contest, to be announced on February 15th, will receive a $10,000 deposit in their account. will also pick up the tab for a night out with their sexy and charismatic hostess, Carrie Stroup. hosts YouTube contest is republished from